Apartments and rooms Ramar

House rules and discounts

House rules

  • Daily room cleaning (every working day, weekend, holiday) from 8:00 to 12:00, only upon guest’s request – please put a sign on the door (CLEANING or DO NOT DISTURB).
  • Upon departure the kitchen in the apartment should be cleaned. If this is not the case, 10 € will be charged for cleaning.
  • Payment of one night stay shall be made from 8:00 to 12:00 or upon arrival in cash only.
  • On the last day of your stay you should leave the apartment until 11:00, 20 € will be charged for departure after 12:00.
  • The use of Wireless Internet is free of charge.
  • The use of playground equipment is permitted only at parent’s responsibility.
  • Our guests have discounts in Terme Dolenjske Toplice.

DISCOUNTS ON SERVICE IN Terme Dolenjske Toplice:

  • 10 % discount on ticket price for indoor pool Grad
  • 15 % discount on ticket price for Balnea Lagoon
  • 5 % discount on services for Oasis (saunas)
  • 15 % discount on health care services (group exercise in water, herbal bath, pearl bath, hot packs for two joints, infra and ultraviolet radiotherapy, antipain electrotherapy, electrostimulation, galvanic bath, laser, UKW, ultrasound, biofeedback, magnetotherapy.