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About village:

Straža and Vavta vas are settlements in the municipality of Straža, through which one of the most beautiful rivers in Slovenia, the emerald Krka, winds lazily, and under the dam it foams briskly and rushes on. Above them rises like a holy altar an elongated mountain overgrown with beech with the top Srobotnik, at the foot wrapped in vineyards and dotted with inviting vineyard cottages.

Both villages are only 8 km away from Novo mesto, the culturally rich center of Dolenjska, and 4 km from Dolenjske Toplice, a health resort with indoor pools and outdoor hot water pool and natural and historical values ​​of the vast Roška forests.

In Vavta vas and Straža you can spend your free time cycling or walking on the hiking trails of Straški hrib, with a unique, unforgettable view of the vineyards, the nearby villages of the soothing countryside and the green beauty that irresistibly invites fishermen, boaters or swimmers in the summer .
All this or that that attracts you, relaxes you, restores the freshness of life you can experience next to her and in her surroundings. Holidays with us will leave you unforgettable.
All information on possible activities can be found on the website of the municipality of Straža.